viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2009

Reading Comprehension Activity: Short Story

This activity is about reading a short story and then try to answers a couple of question related to the story. / Esta actividad es acerca de leer una pequeña historia y luego intentar responder unas preguntas relacionadas con la lectura.

The Wolf Plays the Flute for The Clever Lamb

A wolf carried off a lamb. The lamb said, "I know you are going to eat me, but before you eat me I would like to hear you play the flute. I have heard that you can play the flute better than anyone else, even the shepherd himself."
The wolf was so pleased at this that he took out his flute and began to play.

When he had done, the lamb insisted him to play once more and the wolf played again.

The shepherd and the dogs heard the sound, and they came running up and fell on the wolf and the lamb was able to get back to the flock.

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Now... Answer this questions. / Ahora... responde estas preguntas.

  1. What instrument did the wolf play?
    (¿Qué instrumento tocaba el lobo?)
  2. Why did the lamb ask the wolf to play the flute?
    (¿Por qué el cordero le pidió al lobo que tocara la flauta?)
  3. Why did the wolf feel so pleased?
    (Por qué el lobo se sintió tan complacido?)
  4. What did the shepherd and the dogs when they head the sound of the flute?
    (¿Qué hizo el pastor y los perros cuando escucharon el sonido de la flauta?)

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